Monday, 28 May 2012

Two-banded Longhorn beetle.

The most common Longhorn beetle in Europe, the name coming from the two yellow bands on each wing case. All of the Longhorns lay their eggs in coniferous dead  wood in deep bored tunnels  taking two years to pupate.
f 2.8, 1/1600sec, ISO 100
f 2.8, 1/2000sec, ISO 100


  1. Great beetle. I've not seen this species. Where did you find it? Enjoying your new macro shots :-)

  2. Hello Mel,
    Nice of you to visit my macro blog and post such a nice comment.
    I was just north of a place in Northumberland called Sweethope Lough at a height of around 300 metres above sea level. An upland area with lots of heather, crags and boggy areas. There was a number of these beetles about in bright sunny relatively warm conditions. Funnily enough although the beetles spent time walking about they seemed to take to the air to travel slightly further distances.